This is not an easy post to write, nor will it be an easy thing to read. But if you can get through it, it will help you get through what you’re facing.

The world is full of many kinds of people. Some are good, some are bad, and some are truly horrible. Most people don’t care about you, and I don’t mean that negatively. What I mean is that they don’t view you as anything other than just any other person. Sure, they may assume certain things based on the way you look, dress, and act, but for the most part, they don’t really hold any ill will toward you.

In short, they don’t hate you; they just look at you like they do everyone else. You’re just another person to them.

But there are some out there who have nothing better to do than waste their time trashing you. They look for anything they can to attack you, ridicule you, and point out to others in hopes that they will laugh, agree, and do the same. They want to bring chaos to your life and make you a victim of their assholish behavior.

These people want you to hurt, and it gives them great pleasure to see it happen.

If there is anything they can go after, they will. Overweight? Too skinny? Too short? Too tall? Do you dress differently? Are you not smart enough for them? Do you speak with an accent or speech impediment? Is there anything in your history that they can dig up to embarrass you with?

Everyone–and I do mean everyone–has something that these people can and will try to use just to mock and belittle their target. They will do it in person sometimes, but these days, most will only do it online. It’s not that it’s easier, but more so because they aren’t bold enough to say it to someone’s face. Also, they want as many laughs as they can get, they want you feeling as bad as you can, and they want an audience who hates you as much as they do.

This is why they take it to you online, where they are hidden safely behind a screen, far away from you.

Some of these people will say the most disgusting, vile things they possibly can. We live in a world where everyone is trying to one-up each other, to be the King of Meanness. For some reason, they think it’s funny to hurt others, to destroy their self-esteem, and make sure that person falls apart inside.

This is the difference between your run-of-the-mill shit-talking and bullying.

But despite what they may say, or the army of pathetic dipshits they get to follow them, you are not hopeless. You are not without worth. And you are absolutely, much better than they are.

The emptiness inside them that powers the vicious ridicule they bring, is something you don’t have to worry about. Why? Because you don’t have it inside of you. You don’t suffer from the condition that makes them a tremendous load of horse shit.

You, even with the flaws you may have, even if what they say is 100% true, are not them. And that’s a very good thing. Think about it. If you were as bad as they say you are, and you were like them, you’d be doing this to someone else. You would be the same type of soulless dumb fuck they are, looking for someone to hurt just for kicks.

But you’re not. You’re better than that. You’re much better than they are because you actually feel something. These days, it seems that’s rare, and facing a growing crowd of people all against you only makes that more clear.

Are you a perfect person? Of course not. Do you have things you could change about yourself to improve? I’m sure you do because we all do. But even if that’s the case, you should remind yourself that no matter what, you aren’t them.

Do you want to know something else? You’ll get better. You will eventually be able to read and hear the things people say about you and not really give a shit. It takes a while, but ultimately, you will realize that nothing these people say matters. That their opinions and ranting and raving are not important.

You’ll soon see what they really are:

Pathetic attempts to get approval from others, to make themselves feel good, because their lives are so fucking empty that this is what they have to do for attention and pleasure.

And the irony is that they somehow think they’re better than you. Sometimes the stupidity of people amazes me.

Trust me, I do understand that it can be hard to face attacks individually, in groups, or in a flood. It can get to you really quickly and feel very overwhelming. The emotional hurricane that goes off inside you, making your head numb and everything confusing, isn’t fun. And I know as well as you do that it doesn’t go away as fast as it showed up.

Sometimes, it comes back over and over again, like terrible diarrhea after eating at Taco Bell. And just like that shit, theirs too will likely return.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to actually put up with it. There are things you can do to avoid it, and in some cases, stop it. If the attacks are coming at you online, the answer is simple: turn it off. No one said you HAVE to look at that crap.

I see garbage online all the time that makes me want to throw up. If social media has done one thing, it’s that it has put a big spotlight on how terrible so many people can be. Fortunately, you can practice good social media discipline. It’s not hard and can make your experience online much better. Feel free to give that post a read.

If it gets bad enough, nuking your profiles is usually quick and easy. But don’t get upset, thinking you let them win. No, you just did something for yourself. You just made your life easier, and you just took a significant step toward improving your mental health. And that is much more important than being on Facebook.

But what if the hate is in person? What if you’re facing it in school? Give this one a read to learn how to deal with hate in school and in person.