Instrumentals Volume 1

This is the first volume of instrumentals from The 9-track album is built for rapping and singing. Most of the tracks have places to add a chorus or hook.

The purpose of this album is to help those struggling with mental health issues. Use it to fight depression, anxiety, loneliness, heartbreak, frustration, anger, peer pressure, and other emotional struggles by putting you problems and feelings to music.

I’ve used music for years to help bring myself back from very dark places, and this album intends to help you do the same. Listen to the instrumentals, sing, rap, write, whatever. Speak what you’re feeling and get that shit out of you.

Listen to Instrumentals Volume 1


As with my own albums, I like to leave notes about what you’re listening to. So here it goes.

You’ll notice that most of the music on – Instrumentals Volume 1 is in a particular tone. When I was going through a lot of depression in my life, this was the type of music I leaned on most. I wasn’t in a happy mood, so the laid-back, sad melodies you hear on this album are in the same vein as what I used to get through my issues.

Becoming a Stranger

The song Stranger is the only track on the album that features a hook. In it, the many singing repeatedly says “I think I don’t know ya.” But who is he referring to? That depends on you. Those who have had problems with friends turning on them or bad breakups will likely look at this track as one to discuss those who have hurt them.

But those who have a problem with self-loathing, an issue with their own confidence, or find they are going through a period where they are faced with the consequences of something they themselves have done, will regard the stranger as the one they see in the mirror.

You are Unstoppable

Anger and frustration have been major components of my music. Issues I’ve had with those who think I’m nothing, with those who would belittle me and tell me that I will never be anything in life. For those moments, I wanted to do nothing more than rail into the mic with how irritated I was. Unstoppable features a fast repetitive violin that tears across the drums like a furious train.

You fell down. Now rise.

Years ago when I started to turn myself around, I wrote a song called “This is It.” It was a turning point for me because I was finally done dealing with annoying shit in my life. I was ready to really push myself forward.

“I Will Rise” moves in the same direction. When we fall, the best thing we can do is get back up and keep trying. Use this to help yourself back up, and tell the beat why you won’t stay down.

You will never be forgotten

To me, “Don’t Forget Me” is the most beautiful instrumental on the whole album. It incorporates samples from Beats24-7 and very much lives in the style I’m known for. The gorgeous cello and excellent piano are two of the instruments that backed up several tracks I’ve made that have helped me through a lot of tough moments.

When I listen to this, I think of a specific person and I think to myself that I’ll never forget her. For others, you may have someone who you feel the same way about. If not, the delicate sound of this track is perfect for helping you speak with your words the pain that your tears have been screaming.