I’ve been making music for over 20 years and have a catalog of well over 400 songs across 20 albums. Of everything I’ve made, every lyric I’ve ever written, one stands above the rest.

The song is part of an album written for someone who inspired a lot in me, including this website. The impact she left is literally life-changing. I wrote this song for her as a way to help her see a truth she never could.

I put everything I could into what I consider to be the best thing I will ever write. Unfortunately, I wrote it eight years too late.

These are the words I wish I could have told her, and though she’ll never hear them, others can. Amanda had wanted to write a song about bullying that kids could listen to and understand that it isn’t their fault and that things will get better. As much as I want her to be here so she can complete that dream, I know someone needs to.

Hopefully, “Take Your Power Back” can do that for her.