Day to day we try to live and be happy, through aggravations and situations that seem crappy. With everything that’s happening around us, we forget that we are something special to someone who won’t forget.

Those are the first few lines in a song I released a few hours ago. I wrote and recorded it last year, but something made me hang on to it until now. For someone who is prone to posting songs the moment they come out of my mouth, this seems a bit odd. But perhaps there was a good reason.

All of us have felt loneliness at some point in our lives. It fills us with a feeling of isolation and abandonment that can leave a lasting impression. And the dark cloud it puts over our heads seems to have no limits on how bad it can make us feel. I speak from experience, having spent years being the shared punching bag of Depression, Loneliness, and Self-Hatred.

At the time, I didn’t understand many of the things that I do now. I wish I had. It would have made my late teens and early 20s much easier.

Loneliness tries to blind us to the truth. It tells us that we have no one in our lives and no person out there cares about us. It says that we are alone in the world.

And loneliness is a liar.

People who are suffering from emotional issues have a habit of letting their heads get inside themselves. Or something like that. We start thinking something and can’t get out of our own way to realize that our thoughts are deceiving us. They become a black hole that sucks us in and leaves us trapped within a lie that we have trouble escaping from. That’s how loneliness convinces us that we’re alone.

But the truth about loneliness is not what we think. It doesn’t want us to see the people in our lives. It tries to make us ignore family, friends, neighbors, and even people we barely know, so it can put us on an island in the middle of a dark universe. It tells us that no one wants us, that nobody loves or cares for us, and that we will never see a day when things change. I’ve always referred to this as evidence that my brain hates itself. But really, it’s just loneliness being an asshole.

The truth is, there are people out there who care. If you weren’t feeling as bad as you do, you would see it, but unfortunately, that dark cloud has lowered to become a dark fog. It’s hiding the real world from you. A world where someone sees the importance in you.

I know some might say, “I don’t have family or friends. I’m all alone in the world.” But you can’t be all alone in a world with 8 billion people. It’s just not possible, no matter how much your mind wants to trick you into believing it’s true.

People you interact with online or in person during your day-to-day life notice you. They see you, and they remember you. While you may not think those interactions are significant, that doesn’t mean they feel the same way. And for some, you may be the one person who makes an impact on them.

You might believe you have no one. You might believe that you wouldn’t be missed if you were gone. None of that is true. It’s depression talking for you. It’s loneliness trying to convince you that you don’t matter. It’s all bullshit. Because you do matter, and there is a world of people out there who care. Once you make it through the fog, you’ll see what I mean. And you’ll be damn glad you didn’t listen to the lies of loneliness.