For the past 20 years I’ve been creating music, yelling into a mic about whatever happens to be pissing me off, and continuing to fight my ass off to improve my life.

I’ve also been seeing countless kids and teens killing themselves.

As someone who has been through hellish depression that lasted for several years, I can relate to the types of feelings these kids have been through. I’ve had to deal with bullies and have a known history of life-changing heartbreak.

It sucks. More than that. It’s absolutely awful. For me, it was like trudging through a swap of sewage. It took forever and was ridiculously hard.

But I made it through, and you can too.

Look, I’m not going to pretend that this shit is easy. Nor will I pretend that I’m a therapist, psychologist, or have any reason to be someone you should listen to. And I’m sure as hell not trying to sell you anything.

What I am here to do, is tell you that you do have a future, despite what anyone says. Fuck those assholes. This is your life, not theirs.

By the way, I cuss a lot and say weird shit. I probably should have mentioned that earlier. But if you’re at the point of needing this site, then my choice of language isn’t really important. Then again, maybe it is. When it comes to this, I’m a bit forceful. I’m not sugar coating shit and I’m not speaking like a lot of parents would prefer.

I’m here to straight up tell you that you need to find a way through the garbage. You need to find a way to fight back against your problems and you need an outlet. I’m not telling you to go do something stupid, I’m here to help give you confidence in yourself and help you see that you need to stick around.

This site is a work in progress. I’ll have more up here soon, such as…well, actual content. So don’t go anywhere.

Well, go eat a sandwich and get some sleep, but you know what I mean. I have some shit you need to hear, and it will be up here soon.

Dave (Mimic)

^ Not really my signature, but the font looks good.